Natural Dog Treats

Peanut Butter Dog Treat Recipe is A Favorite Among Dogs!

This peanut butter dog treat is sure to have your dogs begging for more.

PB Dog Biscuit Recipe

1 1/2 Cups Whole Wheat Flour

1/2 Cup Quick Oats

1 Cup Skim Milk

1/2 Cup All natural peanut butter

1 T Molasses


Pour skim milk into large mixing bowl. Add oats and allow to sit for 5 minutes. Mix in peanut butter and molasses. Mix in flour 1/2 cup at a time until a stiff dough forms.

Place on floured surface and roll to desired thickness. Cut into desired shapes. Bake at 350 degrees. If rolled to 3/8″ baking time is 25 to 30 minutes..or until a golden brown.

Tip: After shutting off the oven I leave the dog biscuits in the oven for a couple hours to make sure they are completely dry and crunchy. Then they can be stored for a long time with out worrying about spoilage.


Wellness Wednesday – 4 fitness must haves

Want to get fit? 4 MUST haves

There are so many things people think they need to have in order to meet their fitness goals. Some of these include fancy workout gear, pills or supplements, expensive equipment, and lots of extra time. These things are absolutely NOT necessary to meet your goals. What is necessary is something Target cannot provide.

Motivation: Unless there is a driving force behind why you want to get in shape, you are likely setting yourself up for failure. Find you reason why you want this. Use that reason as your motivation. Write it down and put it on your mirror, gym bag, sneakers, wherever you can see it daily.

Goals: Goals help create a plan that can be implemented. Instead of stating “I want to lose 5lbs this month,” try being more specific with your plan. “I want to work out consistently 3 days a week for a minimum of 30 minutes each.”  The later goal is more promising and will lead to results of the first goal.

A Support System: Get friends and family members on bored with your new found fitness goals. Join fitness related message boards and fitness communities online. The Rite Bite offers an online portal starting at $10 a month that allows you to track your food intake, talk with other fitness enthusiasts and personal trainers, find workout partners, print workout plans, and create some friendly fitness competition!

Patience and consistency: You did not gain the weight overnight and you will not lose it overnight. Set small short term goals and be patient with your progress.

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King of sleepy time.

Soooo, my husband has a talent for being able to fall asleep immediately. I have been charting/tracking his patterns for 5 nights now…

Fri night – bed @ 10:48pm, Hot sleep breath in my grill by 10:50pm = a whopping 2 minutes!!!
Sat night – bed @ 11:42pm, twitchy sleeping body by 11:45pm = 3 minutes
Sunday – bed @ 10:22, deep breathing @ 10:23 = are you kidding me?!?
Monday – bed @ 10:13, SNORING @ 10:17pm.
Tonight/ Tuesday – bed @ 10:30pm, deep breath + twitching @ 10:33.

I, on the other hand, have been piddling on this iPad for 75 minutes as a lay here trying to “get tiered.”

I have deemed him king of sleepy time. He rules the mattress!


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Your right to cellulite!

Today’s topic- cellulite.

Cellulite sure doesn’t seem to discriminate. It has been spotted lurking on the wealthy and non, the thick and the thin. And It appears there’s not much we can do about it.

Well, maybe there is one thing… ACCEPT IT!!! Love your body for what it is! Embrace every curve, bump and dimple, Because its part of your DNA bitches.

I have seen women spend hundreds on creams only to waste time and hope slathering the thick smelly chemicals on their bodies to no prevail. I have seen girls both young and old starve themselves down to nothing to try to rid themselves of the “unsightly” bumps, but again, to no prevail.

Why do we do this to ourselves? Why is it so hard to accept and love our bodies the way they are, the way God made us?

Take a good long look at those butt dimples and embrace being a woman. Don’t hate, appreciate!

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Holla for a Collar – Part 2

So I have done 2 craft / pet adoption fairs last month and now have an up and running Etsy Shop and FaceBook Page!!! Yippeeee.

Please don’t hesitate to check out the shop and let me know if you would be interested in any items, or even a custom order. Even if you don’t see a fabric your in love with, let me know what colors/styles you are looking for and I can try to find the perfect collar for you!

Here is my booth from the last few fairs.

The Spread!

The collars

The people!

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Wellness Wednesday: Grocery Totes

Reusable grocery totes are great for the environment, but they might be making you sick due to the harmful bacteria that can accumulate inside.

Do you wash your bag? If so, do you wash it often enough?

Unwashed totes increase your risk for food poisoning and cross-contaminated food.

General maintenance:

•Frequently wash your tote in the washing machine or by hand with hot, soapy water.

•Store totes in a clean, dry location.

•Avoid leaving totes in the trunk of a vehicle.

While Shopping:

•Put meat, poultry and fish in separate plastic bags before placing in the tote. This will help prevent juices from leaking and contaminating your reusable totes and food.

•Place fresh or frozen raw meat, poultry and fish in separate totes from produce and ready-to-eat foods.


•Clean all areas where you place your totes, such as kitchen counter or table, to reduce cross contamination.

•Make sure to wash your tote if used to transport non-food items before placing produce and ready-to-eat items inside your tote.

For more tips to reduce your risk of food poisoning, visit our Reusable Grocery Tote tips on

~Produced by the American Dietetic Association

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Holla for a Collar!

I started taking sewing classes back in March with a single goal in mind- to be able to make super cute collars to benefit the rescue that I volunteer for and foster through.

One of my high school classmates started posting these adorable collars she was making and selling on Etsy. I bought one and loved it. I then dissected it and realized I was fully capable of making them myself. So I copied her, but I like to say “I was inspired by her.”

Now I am creating my own and selling them at varies Pet events with 20% of all sales going to Peace for Paws Ohio! This rescue does an amazing job taking pups off death row, vaccinating and neutering them, placing them with loving fosters, and finding them forever homes.   Follow Peace For Paws Ohio on facebook  and check out their website. Consider donating, fostering, or just buying one of my collars!

There’s WAY more fabrics options since I took this pic!

I will be at the Dublin Rec Center from 1-5pm this Saturday for the Pet Adoption Day with my collars and goodies, as well as ay the Barks and Craft fair downtown on Sunday, May 20th from 11-3:30pm. Hope to see you there!

You can also email me at if you are interested in a custom order.




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Financial Friday: Setting your financial future

I know, its been a minute since I posted on financials. Well, since I posted at all really! Read on, soak it up, and enforce in your own way 🙂

Now more then ever, assuring your financial future is a necessity. Chances are my generation will never see a dime of what we are putting in to social security, so don’t you be that naive dumb butt who’s counting on it. Be as responsible as you can be today with your money and save yourself mucho stress in your later years.

Ideally your money should make you more money, that’s the ultimate goal, right? And that’s just where you start… goals.

Like general goal setting, some financial goals are immediate, while others will take long-term planning and organization. As a personal trainer, I am very used to working with individuals on personal fitness goal setting. But with money, it does not come as easy for me.

This is why I created a system of steps below to help me (and hopefully you) become less overwhelmed and more organized when setting your financial future.

Determine your desired goals Duh! You GOTTA have desire to set goals and get the outcome from them, or you’ll never follow through. Research and figure out the best plan of action for your money. Find out / list the benefits to your new set goals. This will motivate you to adhere and work towards them.

Analyze where you stand NOW in relation to your new goal(s) Time to put on your big boy/girl pants, sit down, and analyze your expenses. Stop living for immediate gratifications and start living for your future. Look at expenses that realistically could be cut out and moved to more beneficial areas, such as a Roth IRA or 401K.  Be as realistic and aggressive as possible.

Be Specific When creating your goals have a specific plan. Instead of saying “Uuurr, I wanna save more towards retirement”,  try stating you will “put $200 a month into X retirement account”.  Have specific deadlines. “By March 2012 I want to have over $1,500 saved up solely towards retirement.” You will know the reality of what you can save after doing your budget analysis. “I will  take the $50 a week I used to spend eating out and start making food at home, while putting that money into a CD.”

Start Small:  Start with only 1 or 2 major goals so you do not get over whelmed. This will allow for a higher success rate and more money confidence.

Write it down:  Write your goal (s) somewhere you see it constantly.  If your like me, you need a daily reminder that eating the salad you packed for lunch instead of going to Noodles & Co. is better for your health, your wallet, and your big picture!

Practice Practice Practice: Work towards your goal daily. Every little bit helps.

Gooooooood luck!



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Epilator Hater?

After watching YouTube vids of beautiful make up gurus with flawless pits who swear by this little miracle machine, I decided to stop envying and invest in my very own epilator.

What is an epilator, you ask? Well it’s this adorable little pink hand held machine who’s sole purpose is…. PURE TORTURE!  I can only assume they make it look all sweet, dainty and girly to disguise the fact that this devise will create hell on earth.

The epilator is an alternative to shaving or waxing. It is a system of “tweezers” that essentially rips the entire hair follicle out at the area being treated.  I was won over by the arm pit factor. I hate how after you shave your pits and there is still this hue of darkness lingering behind. Even thought your hairless, the dark pigment is from the rest of the hair left under the skin. The epilators claim to fame is the flawless pit.

The videos did warn… it is a painful process.

I have a high tolerance for pain, so I headed my way over to Sally’s Beauty to grab my own. I would show these gurus what is up.  Those little cheerleader girls need some thicker skin.

When I asked the checkout girl if she ever tried one, she said “No, but about 7 out of 10 that get purchased are returned because they hurt so bad.” Hmmmm, guess I will show checkout girl whats up as well.

I get home. Shower excitedly. Exfoliate the legs and pits. Dry off, and give it a go!

HOLY HELL! How the hell are these little makeup girls doing this on camera and NOT screaming, or crying, or shouting obscenities?

That was reaction to use #1. (And only). They did all say the more you use it the less painful. Does this mean the pain really does subside? Or is it that your tolerance grows and it’s really no less painful at all?

Has anyone else tried one? I am seriously considering the walk of shame back to Sally’s to return. Unless, by some miracle, you can tell me it really does get less painful.




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Rump Shaker Poop Scoop Faker

I live in a rural area off a country-ish kinda road. Luckily, there is a newer development right by us! So when the pups and I go for a walk, we head right on over to this quiet little subdivision. It’s the perfect 1 1/2 mile loop with only about 15-20 homes build around it. Low traffic and lots of open undeveloped space for poopin’.         (My dog, that is).

When walking through, I always make sure Kahulua (the pup) and I are on the undeveloped side. This is so when she decides to drop duecers, we aren’t in anyone’s yard.

That being said, since we are NOT in a yard, I NEVER pick it up. I faux poop scoop every time. When Kahlua finishes her biznas, I slowly crouch down, scrape the ground with bagged hand, fake tie up the poo-less baggie and get on my way. Why fake it? I feel I must do this for social acceptance, I guess.

My husband thinks I’m insane.

Do you agree?

Who really wants to walk around with a steaming bag 0′ shiz?

I cannot be the only one out there where is a Poop Scoop Faker, who else is willing to admit this and help me feel better about myself?

Happy Sunshine Day, OHIO!!!



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